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Hilfe, ich hab meine Lehrerin geschrumpft

Gewinner - Best VFX


  • DieZentrale wurde 2014 in Wien von Thomas Rath, Sophie Pruszinsky und Valentin Struklec als freie Kollaborationsplattform für Artists gegründet.
    An diesem Projekt haben mitgearbeitet:
  • Valentin Struklec
  • Thomas Rath
  • Sophie Pruzsinszky
  • Irdin Begic
  • Axel Dietrich
  • Spyridon Giochalas
  • Jürgen Hackl
  • Lukas Kampichler
  • Sebastian Schütt
  • Martin Stegmayer
  • David Teichert
  • Pirmin Zdebski
  • Markus Weilguny (Keffects)
  • Harald Gruber (Keffects)
  • Christian Friesser (Keffects)
  • Michael Krocan (Keffects)
  • Philipp Zauffel (Friendly Fire)


„Hilfe ich hab meine Lehrerin geschrumpft“ was finished in 2015. DIEZENTRALE finished a Volume of 105 shots. This could only be done as a team effort and by educating and collaborating with some of the best local talent.

The team was creatively led by Valentin Struklec and financially by Sophie Pruzsinszky and consisted of an additional 15 artists. We are proud, that the project was not only a big success in the box offices, but the quality of our work was frequently mentioned by critics.

Technically we were challenged by complex motion control plates, that had to be aligned reprojected or matchmoved to get the most accurate and photorealistic results. For example: A room sized smoke hurricane required simulations and complex compositing and a digital version of a mask and a rotating ball had to be brought to life. Digital Arrows had to land dangerously close to the main actress and we put some magic into Otto Walkes recurring appearance as a ghost.

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