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Ways Out Of A Creative Crisis

Gewinner - Best Visualization


  • Idea & Production, Design & Storyboard, Directed by: Theresa Haas
  • Concept Development: Theresa Haas, Dominik Mayer, Maurice Miller, Claudia Wahlmüller, Marko Andrea Weiss
  • Creative Director: Theresa Haas
  • Camera Operator: Dominik Mayer
  • 1st Assistant Camera: Maurice Miller
  • Gaffer: Marko Andrea Weiss
  • On Set Photography & Best Boy/Girl: Mike Nagl, Claudia Wahlmüller
  • Illustrations: Theresa Haas
  • Additional Illustration: Claudia Wahlmüller
  • 2D Animations: Theresa Haas, Maurice Miller
  • 3D Animations: Theresa Haas
  • Modeling: Theresa Haas, Marko Andrea Weiss
  • Rigging: Theresa Haas, Assen Stratiev, Marko Andrea Weiss
  • Animation: Theresa Haas, Assen Stratiev
  • Papercraft Modeling: Theresa Haas
  • Papercraft Prop Building: Theresa Haas, Dominik Mayer, Maurice Miller, Assen Stratiev, Claudia Wahlmüller, Marko Andrea Weiss
  • Cross Stitch: Theresa Haas
  • Script: Theresa Haas
  • Composite: Theresa Haas, Maurice Miller
  • Colorist: Maurice Miller
  • Soundtrack: Veronika Hani
  • Sound Design: Johannes Lugstein, Maurice Miller
  • Special Thanks: Michael Großauer


My intention with this mixed media project was, to show ways out of a creative crisis. It was important for me, to implement the suggestions in a funny and also partially ironic way, as the main message is not to put yourself under pressure when it comes to creativity, because that’s just preventing you from great ideas and that creativity also needs its freedom now or then. Nobody has the ability to be continuously creative.

Because I thought mixing techniques fits for this topic, I decided to implement the tips in Live Action Scenes, 3D Animations, 2D Animations, Stop Motion Animations, Strata Cut Animations, in a Flip Book and other techniques. This project was an idea during my studies at the FH Salzburg. Thankfully, a few other very talented students helped me to realize this concept.

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